Garys Desk

In a bid to explain what kind of stuff your seeing in the office pictures, here’s an explanation of some of them.
You may want to reference the larger images to really appreciate how much rubbish they kept.

  1. This is Gary, he came with the furniture (no assembly was required).
  2. Being an artist, Gary likes to keep his feet up. He had this box (or one exactly like it!), for the next 10 years at DMA. It had nothing of importance in it, just bits of sponge.
  3. “GLEN” This was a heater which could also blow cold air – very handy in the back of an office that had a metal roof, and no windows! Gary “claimed” it on moving in, and never let it out of his site until the day he managed to break it, several years later after melting it with over use.
  4. Gary’s trusty tape deck and radio. Having no MP3’s, or CD’s at this point, DMA listened to the radio during the day, even going so far as to take part in the FAX quiz at the local radio station (RadioTAY). Russell and I even won once! Although, since it was an afternoon at a health spa, I donated my ticket to Russell so he and his Girlfriend (now wife) Justine could go together.
  5. Gary, being ever the strange artist, used to like some suspension on his Amiga. He used to sit his A500 on some sponge for that extra cushion feel.
  6. Dave’s Business desk. This was why Gary and Tony got thrown out whenever Psygnosis came to visit. With only 2 rooms, Dave didn’t have space for a private office.
  7. This was the keyboard that Gary did the Lemmings intro tune on.
  8. Tony’s Desk; PC on the right, Amiga 500 on the Left. Currently testing Cutiepoo “chocolate factory” level.
  9. Dave’s Sega MegaDrive box. His PC Engine box can be found on the top of the bookcase.
  10. Large Scalectrix set. It was always DMA’s ambition to set up a massive set from one room to another. Even when they moved to much larger offices, and had whole rooms empty (briefly) they always talked about setting one up. They never did, but any time during DMA’s history, you could usually find a Scalectrix set hiding under a desk – usually Steve Hammond’s.
  11. Tension sheet. Red Dwarf was at its height at this point, and DMA were all big fans. Gary decided he needed his own tension sheet – like they were ever stressed!!