So this is a list of everything I can remember writing, or taking part in – a master CV list if you like….

Character EditorWhole tool.Commodore Plus/465021986
Freek OutWhole game.Commodore Plus/465021987
BallistixWhole game.C6465021989
Interrupt Driver Tape LoaderWhole tool.C6465021990
Pac-man Load-a-gameWhole game.C6465021990
Blood MoneyWhole game.C6465021990
LemmingsBase code and frameworkAtari ST680001991
LemmingsLevels and R&DAmiga680001991
Christmas LemmingsLevel Graphics and TrapsAmiga1991
PC Engine DebuggerEverything,PC Engine + ICE unitPascal1991
PC Engine Sound Effect EditorEverything,PC Engine + ICE unitPascal, 65c021991
PC Engine Sound/Music SystemEverything,PC Engine65c021991
BallistiixSystem CodePC Engine65c021991
Scripting langaugewhole toolDOSPascal1992
Shadow of The BeastPrimary GamePC Engine CDROM265c021992
LemmingsGraphicsAtari Lynx1993
Hired GunsLevel Design and Level Viewer.AmigaPascal1993
Framework + Tutorialcode and documentation.SNES + DOS658161992
Lemmings IIGame, engine, tools. SNES658161994
SNES Graphics convertortool codeDOSPascal1994
SNES Midi ConvertortoolDOSPascal1994
SNasm65816 macro assemblerAmigaPascal, 680001993
UniracersUnicycle Compression, EditorAmiga, DOS, SNESC, 680001994
Uniracers A0 plotterTool codeDOSC1994
QWK off line mail readerTool codeAmigaPascal, 680001994
BBS Fidonet Mail processorTool codeDOSPascal1994
BBS Internet mail processorTool codeDOSPascal1994
Amiga/SNES linkTool codeAmigaPascal, 680001994
The Lemmings ChroniclesSupport/InstallerAmiga, DOSPascal, 680001994
Grand Theft Auto8, 16, 32bit Graphics EngineDOSC, x861994
Game based window systemWhole libraryDOSC, x861995
Network game prototypeWhole gameDOSC1995
TCP/IP “MUD” interfaceApplication codeWin32VisualBasic1995
Web Serverserver code.Win32VisualBasic1995
3D Texture mapping engineDemo codeDOSC, x861996
Sample ConverterWhole toolDOSPascal1994
Grand Theft Auto Prototype 1Whole demoDOSPascal, x861994
Grand Theft Auto Prototype 2Whole demoDOSPascal, x861994
Minus4Emulator codeDOSC, x861996-1999
Realtime spotlights for ganesDemo codePCC1998
Bezier Patches for GamesDemo codePCC1998
Realtime DeformationDemo codePCC1998
1Bit Shadow mapsDemo codePCC, x861998
Tanktics3D EngineDOSC,x861999
Grand Theft Auto IIGraphics EngineWin32C,x861999
Wild Metal Country3DMA graphics engineWin32C1999
ZX Spectrum Emulatorwhole emulatorWin32C, x861999
Wild Metal3DMACast graphics engineDreamcastC1999
Minus4jEmulator CodeJava AppletJava1999-2007
Playstation Exception HandlercodePS1R30001999
Playstation DevkitFull system (Action Replay)DOS+PS1x86, R30001999
Playstation Snapshot KitFull system (Action Replay)DOS+PS1x86, R3000, C2000
Playstation ImageViewerFull system (Action Replay)DOS+PS1x86, R3000, C2000
Playstation Devkit V2Full system + Custom CartrideDOS+PS1C,  R60002000
Minus4wC= Plus4 Emulator codeWin32x862001-????
F1 2000Optimisation + ProtectionPlaystationC, R30002000
F1 2000 3D Track EditorLayout + controlPCVBasic, C, C++2000
F1 Championship Season 2000Support + ProtectionPlaystationC, R30002000
Kernal Exception HandlerIRQ kernal handlerPS2R60002001
PS2 DisassemblerPlatform codePS2R60002001
PS2 Minus4C= Plus4 Emulator codePS2C2001
PS2 “sampling” profilerCustom Kernal + TimerPS2+DOSR6000, C2001
Realtime Catmul-Clark subdiv.Whole demoPS2C2001
DreamSpecSpectrum Emulator CodeDreamcastC2001
SNasm6502 macro assemblerDOSC++2002-????
F1 20023D Graphics EngineXBoxC++2002
Realtime Wet RoadsCodeXBoxC++2002
DreamSpecSpectrum Emulator CodePS2C2002
PS2 Homebrew frameworkFramework codePS2C2002
PS2DC64Commodore 64 Emulator codePS2C2002
DC64Commodore 64 Emulator codeDreamcastC, SH42002
Ogre 3DGraphics EngineNOT the open source 3D engineWin32 + DX9C++2002-2005
Lightwave importer.LWOfileloaderWin32 + DX9C++2002-2005
AlienSwarmwhole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2002-2005
PlayGolfwhole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2002-2005
Racing Heatwhole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2002-2005
Fighting FuryCompleting+Networkingvarious 3G phonesJ2ME2002-2005
CricketNetworkingvarious 3G phonesJ2ME2004
TextureReloadLightwave 7 pluginWin32C++2004
Object Replacement ToolLightwave 7 pluginWin32C++2004
DDS Texture LoaderLightwave 7 pluginWin32C++2004
J2ME BenchmarkTool codephonesJ2ME2003
Asteroidswhole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2003
Centipedewhole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2003
J2ME Multi-phone FrameworktoolDOSC++2003
J2ME C style PreProcessortoolDOSC++2003
Raytracerdemo codeWin32C++2003
Beano Town Racing3D Graphics EffectsWin32C++2003
SimPaktexture packer plugin’sWIn32C++2003
Play Golf 2whole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2004
Rotatrixwhole gamevarious 3G phones, WebJ2ME, Java2004
AlienSwarm 2whole gamevarious 3G phonesJ2ME2004
Play Golf Nowwhole gamePhone, WebJ2ME, Java2004
SciTorqueNetworkingvarious 3G phonesJ2ME2005
APB Stats simulatorsimple game simulatorWin32C++2006
Real3D3D Graphics EngineWin32+DX9C++2005-2007
Uploaderdesign, construction, codeCommodore Plus/4, C64 6502, C++2006
LCD Addondesign and constructionCommodore Plus/4 65022007
64byte Stars DemocodingCommodore Plus/4 65022007
128byte Smooth Stars DemocodingCommodore Plus/4 65022007
256byte Smooth Stars DemocodingCommodore Plus/4 65022007
RAM expansiondesign and constructionCommodore Plus/4 65022007
Unamed Prototype3D Engine and toolsWin32+DX9C++, C#2005-2007
Framework+MMC loaderWhole frameworkCommodore6465022008
MMC Card Readerconstruction + codingCommodore6465022008
Unamed Game3D Engine + Platform codeMono+DX9+OpenGLC++, C#2007-2009
Game MakerGame Maker “Runner”Win32, PSPC, MIPS2009-2010
Game MakerOptimised software FPU libWin32, PSPC, C++, MIPS2010
Game Maker 8.1IDE and RunnerWin32Delphi2010
Simply SolitairecodingiOS / AndroidGML2011
Game Maker HTML5codingWin32 / WebDelphi/HTML52011
Game Maker StudiocodingWin32Delphi2012
Game Maker DebuggercodingWin32C#2013
Game Maker SteamGame maker ported to SteamWin32Delphi2013
Game Maker LinuxGame Maker “Runner”LinuxC++2013
Game Maker NetworkingcodingmanyC++2013
Game Maker ShaderscodingmanyC++2013
Game Maker PS4Game Maker “Runner”PS4C++2014
Your World – GTA 1 EngineGame Maker CodePCGML2014
C64 EmulatorcodePCGML2014
ZX Spectrum EmulatorcodePC / WebGML2014
MOD PlayerGame Maker CodePC/Mobile/WebGML2015
Voxel Landscape DemocodePCGML2016
Game Maker Studio 2Game Maker IDEPC/MacC#2016
Pac Man DemocodePCGML2017
Thrust DemocodePCGML2017
Game Maker SwitchGame Maker “Runner”SwitchC++2017
Nidhogg PortGame Maker “Switch”SwitchGML2018
Shadow of the Beast DemocodingZX Spectrum NextZ80n2019
Parallax Scroller DemocodingZX Spectrum NextZ80n2019
Multiplayer Turn based serverServer code / Unity pluginServer / PCGo / C#2019
MOD PlayercodeZX Spectrum NextZ80n2019

Thing’s I’m still working on that may get finished and/or may have already been released

XeO3Plus/4, C641999-????
Remote DevkitPlus/4, C642006-????
#CSpectPC C#2017-????
LemmingsZX Spectrum Next2018-????
Super Crate BoxZX Spectrum Next2018-????
Wolf3D Engine and EditorZX Spectrum Next / PC2019-????
Mega65 Remote DebuggerPC / Mega 652020-????

Things I’ve worked on that’ll never get finished…

Game with no name 1C6465021988
Spatter LightC6465021988
Game with no name 3C6465021989
C64 Floppy ProtectorC6465021989
Dual playfield gameC6465021990
Jellys / Kid KirbyTools, SupportC, 658161993-1995
Body Harvest A0 Level PlotterDOSC1994
GBA ToolkitDOS, ARM7C, ARM71995
Block GameDOSC, x861995
Block Game 2Game Boyz801995
3D Voxel EngineDOSC, x861996
Attack!DOSC, x861996-1999
3D GTA EngineDOSC, x861997
Prototype Bezier race trackPC, PS2C, R60002001
3D EngineGBAARM72001
Manage FootballWin32C++2004
Nokia Golf gameNokia PhoneJ2ME2004
XBox Spectrum emulatorXBoxC++2004
XBox C64 emulatorXBoxC++2004
SpaceTrolls  /  MayhemWin32C++, x862004
Golf GamePhone, OpenTVC++, J2ME2005
Scrolly message boardHardwareElectronics2006
MMC CartridgeHardwareElectronics2007
Retro EditPCC#2007

Here’s the current list of languages I’ve used so far, and the systems I’ve worked on…..

6502, 65c02, 65816, Z80, Z80n, 68000, ARM, MIPS, SH4, x86, MMX, FPU, SIMD, 3DNOW, Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal, C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, J2ME, Midp, Midp2

ZX81, Spectrum, C64, Plus/4, Amiga, Atari ST, TG16, TG16 CDROM2, SNES, Megadrive, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, PS1, PS2, PSP, Irix, Symbian, PS Vita, XBox, DOS (16,32bit), Win3.1, Win32/Win64 (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10), Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, PS4, Switch, ZX Spectrum Next, Mega 65