So back in 2010 I created a retro cool wall, and looking at it, I think there’s a few things I’d change.

Now remember… it’s how COOL they were, not how useful, or powerful. The Plus/4 is a great little machine, but I’m not gonna pretend its cool. It’s also interesting that although machines like the Amiga 4000 are massively expensive now, they’ve become hugely desirable items, so have jumped up the list.

So… here we go, an updated “cool wall”! Do you agree? What would you change?

Seriously UncoolUncoolCoolSub-Zero
IBM PCColecovision Sinclair Zx80Amiga 4000
Tatung Einstine3DOAltair 8800Amiga 1000
New BrainBBC MicroAmiga CDTVVectrex
Commodore16FM TownsAmiga CD32Cray
Dec Vax Commodore Plus/4Atari STPC Engine
Vic 20Commodore 116Commodore PetNeoGeo AES
Oric / AtmosAtari 800/1200xl/130XE/65XESega SaturnSGI Workstations
Philips CDiAmiga 2000 / 1500Nintendo Game CubeMagnavox Odyssey
KonixZX Spectrum +2/128Acorn AtomSinclair Spectrum 48k/+3
TI99/4ACommodore 128 / 128DPSPCommodore 64
IBM 360SAM CoupéCommodore 64sxApple II+
C64gsAtari JaguarAtari 2600SuperNintendo
Amstrad GX4000Atari LynxAmiga 3000Amiga 1200
Amstrad PCWSinclair ZX81Amstrad 6128 PlusNintendo Switch
Nintendo Virtual BoyAmstrad CPCAmiga 500 Megadrive
Dragon 32/64MSXNintendo DSZX Spectrum Next
Philips VideopacArchimedesPlaystationMega 65
Elan EnterpriseXBoxDreamcastCommodore 65
PC 200Playstation 3N64Atari Falcon
Sun UltraGameboy AdvancePongSharp X68000
Sun SparcPDP 8Gameboy
Mattell AquariusNeoGeo PocketPlaystation2
Cambridge Z88Nintendo NesMemotech MTX512
Atari 400Sega Master SystemAtari MEGA STe
Atari 2800NeXTPC Engine SuperGrafx
NuonThinking Machine
Acorn ElectronXBox360
Sinclair QLNintendo Wii / Wii U
ZX Spectrum+ Jupiter Ace
ZX Spectrum 16k
The Retro Cool Wall……